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tentarte . zu tentatu . temptar . seducir . tenter . tempt . locken. tentare .  勾引  .  جذب . kumjaribu . kusic  . 誘惑する …

a creative place to tell images that happen. open, permeable, wet… that as in Africa, as tortoises breath without time.



contact: tentarte.susana@gmail.com     .    susana pellicer lezaun

A place for the outlines that arise from my own creative worry, and from the others.

Everything, to propose “the artistic” as a way to express, to communicate and a swap with the scene.

2011 march, the first, I set the project on foot, although a big part of the content is a compilation of some material created before.

2011 march, 12th, I set on foot this blog.

Some days after, march 21th, I open the doors.


[image sections]

The compilation of my plastic works is included in the following spaces: small size . mixed technician . recycled woods . mauritania serial watercolors . inhabited the desert watercolors . mobile landscapes watercolors . watercolors on wood. tins . figures and designs . 12 cm

. Outlines of conversation to the one that do not have time.

I began when I was used to interchange “paper letters” with different people and places.

Then, I have used this tittle to gather some writings and re-writings

. Mini lines serial .

It is a serial about written lines, short words, shoeless, a little deserted, almost dumb images.

. Paul Gauguin [The writings of a savage]

It includes parts of the book “The writings of a savage”. Paul Gauguin. Paris 1848 – Islas Marquesas 1903. [Istmo ed.]

I think they are interesting and that it is also important to have them nearby in this moment.

. open window [of the others]

An open  GALLERY to creative proposal from anybody.

If you want to collaborate, contact here.

. open window [outline of today]

I would like to share it, and it is open to porpoises: words, images, sounds of anybody, anonymous or not.

Could be selfcreations or simply sights from somewhere, that cause of its form or its content allow us to “tell something” in the broad sense.

If you want to collaborate, contact here.

Thanks too [everything]  that in any way concerns to all of this.

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